The hero’s journey: Your journey

The hero’s journey: Your journey

It takes courage to follow our dreams, to listen to ourselves and take effective action to nurture and grow a business. It is a journey that we can embrace for all its up’s and down’s, which is mirrored in our own personal lives of challenges, gaining strength and moving on from there.

Creating a world where each individual and business lives their purpose, guided by their values.

Link2Feed: taking on the first global metric on hunger in developed nations

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) alert: Link2Feed is aiming to create the first global metric about hunger in developed nations! I was delighted to receive contact via Twitter from Link2Feed a few weeks ago. It being summer in Iceland, taking time off from soaking in the sun (when it makes an appearance) with friends and […]

Heal the world with love

Every act we do from this space of ultimate love has the power to transform… the moment, the experience, the pivotal point in your or another’s life.
“How will you heal the world, your world?”

An interview with Jay Boolkin of Promise or Pay

On a day when snow was still present on the ground in Iceland, where spring still seems to be playing hard-to-get, I had the honour of a skype interview with Jay Boolkin of Promise or Pay. Jay is an Australian social entrepreneur who is currently stationed in hot and humid Cambodia. Our worlds presently couldn’t seem more different, but our common love of living a life of purpose brought us together on this March day.

Commitment to purpose: the kind that creates more, not less

Commitment seems to have a very powerful charge for some, and quite natural for others. The word itself is perceived through different filters and therefore different re-actions when we think of the term.
You’re committing firstly to yourself. You’re committing to your life, a path of adventure with this intention in mind: your purpose.

Clarity in Purpose: Self-Love

Love is the lens of clarity. It removes the barriers of self doubt and replaces it with peace. The secret in life is to love oneself so as to serve a greater purpose. It is only possible through the active flow of love you are able to foster with yourself.

startupwithpurpose 2014

It is the 1st day of a new year and with that it brings hope, goals and personal commitments. It begins with a review of what my process with startupwithpurpose has been in 2013. In 2014 with a renewed intention and purpose in my being I will be writing a book about purpose, focused on the individual.

Kristín Grímsdóttir from Possunt: They can, who think they can

In this interview Kristín Grímsdóttir recounts her story. What struck me most was her courage, her willingness to be open and to remain curious. She has a deep love for people, is facinated to understand what makes them tick and why they do what they do. Not only does she say she believes in the goodness of people, but through this interview she highlighted moments to me that reflected who she truly is.

An interview with Kriszta Molnár

Mid-October 2013 startupwithpurpose had its first intern. Kriszta Molnár came to Iceland with the intention of learning about the social enterprise scene in Iceland. In her few days in Iceland she met people involved in social enterprise, the start up scene and NGOs. Kriszta herself is an amazing woman, who has worked in NGO sector […]


 What exactly is greatness? Greatness is not some grandiose thing or act you will do or achieve. It may be part of it, but it isn’t the whole. It’s being completely in the knowing of yourself; in your purpose even though it may not be clear, but it smiles back at you from a future […]

Enoughness: I am enough, you are enough, there is enough

“I am enough, you are enough, there is enough” was the mantra of my day. When is enough, enough? When have we reached that point of: enoughness.